Wouldn't it be awesome to live on a planet where all lives are treated with love and respect?                                     WE THINK SO!



create a better world for you and for OUR animals

There is so much each of you can do, no reason not to, and every reason to do everything you can to MAKE A DIFFERENCE • BE THE CHANGE.

There are no more excuses, and for those who need science here you are: ANIMAL SENTIENCE https://science.rspca.org.uk/sciencegroup/sentience


We firmly believe that the most productive way to stop neglect, abuse and abandonment of animals is through education. 


Learn more about our education programm 👉 challenge yourself with our fun horse-themed games!


We host most of our events right here where you can get to know our rescues!

You are invited to enjoy our special place with amazing sunsets, a delicious vegetarian buffet and meeting new friends! 

Our drinks and buffet are donation only. Art work is sold to support our local artists.  30% of the sales go towards our cause, the rest is for the artist!

If you are an artist and would like to show your work and support our cause, please introduce yourself to our of our team or email us here: mail@ninovan.org


One of the easiest ways to show your support, is to become a member for 12€ / year!


The more members we have, the greater our lobby when we approach our local or regional government. 

Becoming a member is fast and easy:
become a member (link)


here on vacation?

If you would like to add some special memories to your vacation, stop by and pitch in for a few hours!

Not into physical labor, but you would like to get to know more about our work and meet our rescues? Feel free to stop by! 

Monday - Friday 9:00-12:00
or call: +351 926 910 382


call SEPNA
     Tel: +351 292 202 110 

they will:
1) determine if the animal is chipped
2) call for Veterinary assistance if required

3) look for the owner
4) depending on the severity of neglect/abuse file a report 

If you are uncomfortable making the call yourself, call or text one of us:
Tel: & WhatsAPP:
KIM (EN/DE): +351 926 910 382
RITA (EN/PT): +351 914 626 572

We strive to find diplomatic solutions not only for, but with owners, so that hopefully our solutions will be long-term, not just temporary.

wE ❤️ Workshops!

YOGA • BASKET WEAVING • PAINTING Whether you are interested in attending one of our creative workshops or giving one of your own, we've got the space. 


Learn more about our previous and upcoming events 👉 join us!