Volunteers and helpers

Adriano Pepper

was born on here on Faial. He grew up right down the street, and would come visit his father in the summers who was rebuilding our old stone house. He did not really like to build, but seemed more interested in the Animals. After starting Ninovan, Adriano became a big help in taking care of them and helping with every day chores. He seems to be a natural with animals and his creative inspiration is fun to have around!

Diogo Pimentel

was born on here on Faial. He spent a lot of time here in the summers as a boy in order to help his Father work on rebuilding our old stone house.

Diogo used to sit for hours hammering crooked nails "straight" or carrying stuff for his dad. He has always loved to build things, and now has become a big help in the garden cutting the grass and fixing fences when they are broken.

Miriam Romagosa

What a better place to study Whales then here on Faial for a Spanish Marine Biologist?!
Luckily for Ninovan, Whales are not her only passion. Horses have been a large part of her life ever since she was a child.

"Horses are very sensitive animals, and I believe that the knowledge of their behavior and communication is a useful tool in training them in a way that it is enjoyable for both of us."

She loves being a volunteer at Ninovan not only for the well being of the horses but also for the positive effects she has noticed in herself. We are happy to have such a competent volunteer working with us.

Katia Silva

Katia is a Marine Biologist from Brasil and is here to work on her Masters degree. She has not been around horses very much, but thoroughly enjoys helping our cause and learning about our animals.
Katia is also a wonderful photographer who has supplied us with wonderful pictures- many of which we have used to fill this web site! Katia is always smiling and a pleasure to have around when she finds the time!



 Noelia is a marine Biologist and has never worked with horses before. She is a supporter of our project and joins us on the weekends to help with our daily chores...


Lutz Kolbe

Lutz worked as an Engineer in Germany for many years before sailing and then moving to Faial in 2012. He is a good freind, and although he has many projects of his own on his boat as well as on the house, he manages to find the time to help us when we need him. He has driven to "almost impossible to reach" places with his uni mog to get wood for our stables, helped build them and generally speaking, just a wonderful friend and a good man to have around!

Pedro Escobar

Pedro was born and raised here on Faial!

He seems to know almost everybody on the Island (which an be very handy) and has been a big help to us here on the farm. Pedro has helped us build stone walls, hay net holders and the new stable. He has dropped his work on the other side of the Island to help us iin an emergency when our Donkey was ill. He is an absolute people person, a blast to have around and knows how to dig in when it comes to work!