and on the other side of the island we have...

Howard and Lanza
Howard left his career as a publisher in England and came to live on Faial with his wife Christine in 2003. Two of the most charming people we have met. Howard conducted the youth Orchestra here on Faial for several years and now, just when he thought he could kick back and throw off his shoes, Christine found and introduced him to Lanza. A sweet, 16 year old mare, malnourished and in need of a home. Howard had some previous experience of horses in the army and is building a rescue holding facility at his home on the north part of the island.

Alexandra and Lolita

France, Italy, Germany, the UK ...Alexandra has traveled across the globe living in many different places along the way. In 2012 she "escaped the crazyness" and found her little paradise here on Faial. 
Lolita entered Alexandra's life in 2014 after her owner died. The remaining family had no interest the Donkey and not really any idea how to care for it, so when Alexandra asked if she could have her for a small fee, they obliged.

Lolita is in her mid twenty's and has suffered some sort of trauma on the left side of her body. She has trouble getting up in the mornings, but with the help of neighbors, she gets onto her feet and does quite well. We have been working with Alexandra and donkey specialists in Germany to find the right diet in order to treat her condition. Lanza, Howard's rescue, went to live with Lolita in February 2016 ...the two are now, inseperable.