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Mocca,  found August 2011,  5 years old
Mocca, found August 2011, 5 years old
Mocca, the dog horse. August 2012
Mocca, the dog horse. August 2012


The first abandoned horse, found and taken home by Kim in 2011. There was a bit thin, but nothing severely wrong with her. Being on an Island we thought it would be easy to find her owner. But, nope. Nada. Mocca stayed with Kim and enjoyed her new life as a dog-horse. They went on long walks together, Mocca running free with the dogs across the fields or through the woods. She came when she was called, and waited calmly with the dogs next to the road for cars to pass.

When Daphne was given to us Mocca was extatic! She accepted and loved her new buddy dearly. Protected her from all "evils" and showed her how fast she could run. They soon became inseperable.

Mocca July 2015
Mocca July 2015

Mocca is calm and reliable around children. She now enjoys Balu's company in the garden, and sticks her head into the house from time to time to see what we are up to.

Daphne,  a special gift! October 2013,  24 years old
Daphne, a special gift! October 2013, 24 years old


A gift from friends, a wonderful family, but after her partner died she was also alone. We brought her over in October 2013, where she immediately found a place in Mocca's heart she could call home. Daphne was a sweet, funny, kind and strong minded donkey who like to do "her thing".

She soon became our little sunshine on the farm. She was curiuous and interested in what we were doing and came trotting over whenever she saw us out in the garden.

She loved being the center of attention and especially enjoyed Michaela's clicker training! Since she also really loved geting treats it was easy to teach her new little tricks. So, with a lot of fun and games we were even able to stop a few of her bad habits.

Daphne spent her days close to the house in our garden and also enjoyed poking her head inside to see what we were up to.

Daphne August 2015.  Died Nov. 10, 2015.  26 years old
Daphne August 2015. Died Nov. 10, 2015. 26 years old

She was always present, here or there, even in places she wasn't supposed to be. Sometimes she droves us crazy, but t was impossible to be mad at her for anything... Not even when she ate Kim's freshly planted flowers.

We feel lucky to have enjoyed her company the last two years of her life. After a 10 day battle, she died in our arms on the morning of November 10, 2015. The medication we had been hoping would help arrived that same afternoon.

Her absense has left a void here on Ninovan, she will be dearly remembered and always have a place in our hearts.

Balu  found October 2014,  15 years old
Balu found October 2014, 15 years old


Found abandoned on the side of the road in October 2014. Just standing there, emaciated and dehydrated, there was no way we could pass him by.
Our Vetrenary checked him out: He has a hernia, probably from a human kick, several scars and little feeling in his hind legs which most likely comes from being beaten.

Since he has a branding, we were sure that this time we would find the owner! With help from our Vet, the Centro Hippico and three months later we found the owner who admittedly "set him free".

We introduced him to Mocca and Daphne who accepted him immediately. Mocca spent the first night watching over him like a worried mother. He learned quickly that Daphne was to be treated with respect, or he would have to deal with Mocca.

Balu July 2015
Balu July 2015

Balu is an extremely gentle and calm horse, which astounds us everyday just knowing what he must have been through. The fact that he even trusts another human after his abuse is a miracle in itsself.

He loves to be fussed over and especially enjoys being around children. But most of all he loves to eat ...AND MOCCA! He tries to protect her by placing himself between Mocca and any other horse trying to get to close.

Balu is the reason we started Ninovan.

Thank you Balu!

Caty, in care of Ninovan since January 2015,  7 years old
Caty, in care of Ninovan since January 2015, 7 years old



Caty's previous owner came to us, after hearing about our work and asked us to take her in. Since he was physically no longer able to ride, and unable to care for her in the manor in which he would have liked, he was deserate to find her a good home.

Caty had already been tied down for over a year with out any opportunity to move around- except within the given radius of her rope. She had not been dewormed and was extremely thin.

She is a professionally, classically trained horse who has obviuosly not only had nice confrontations with people.

Training using only positive reinforcement is definately new ground for her. At first she seemed sceptical of this new method oftraining and would


Caty August 2015
Caty August 2015

often into back into a confrontaion mode. She is a dominant mare, but has accepted Princesa as her leader in their small herd.

With in the last few months, after training primarily with Lesley, who uses her Natural Horsemanship skills on her, she seems to be rebuilding her trust in humans and genuinely enjoying her new experience and is a fast learner!

Princesa, in care of Ninovan since January 2015, 20 years old
Princesa, in care of Ninovan since January 2015, 20 years old



Princesa was no longer able to work for her owner since she is already 20 years old, so she had also been tied down in a field for almost 2 years. Her nose appears to have suffered a lot, possibly has been broken from pulling against her halter.

Princesa (and Caty) really blossomed after we organised a fence for them and took them off of their ropes. They seemed to enjoy each others company and body contact. Princesa is the leader of her small herd with Caty and Pacha.


She is an escape artist. She will walk right under an electric fence if she feels like the grass IS greener on the other side! She nevers goes far, just on the other side to eat the other greener grass, and when we go to get her back in, she comes when we call her.


Princesa August 2015
Princesa August 2015

Princesa is a very shy and somewhat a sceptic. Her first encounters with strangers are hesitant, she prefers to slowly get to know someone before letting them to close. Around men she seems to have an even greater issue with trust.

Once you have managed to gain her trust she is gentle and loves being groomed- just like a real princess! She has come a long way since she has been here at Ninovan!

Pacha, in care of Ninovan since Mai 2015, 7 years old


Pacha was tied down a few fields over from Caty and Princesa. We saw her on occasion, she seemed fine from a distance. One day we saw some men pulling her by a rope tied to her ankle from one field to the next.
We spoke with a neighbor to get her story: She has a skin problem and can't be worked. She had a foal the year before which died on its first day because it rolled away and couldn't get to its mother to drink.

We asked Janete to speak to the owner for us and explain our project to him in more detail and offered to take the mare in if we could raise sufficient donations.

Since she was more of a burden to her owner, he agreed.

In the meantime we agreed to start treating her wounds. As it turns out, she has sweet itch. A treatable yet cronic ailment caused by small flies.

Unfortunately she was mostley in the hot sun with out water, so we arranged for her to come to the field where we were caring for Caty and Princesa.

Pacha August 2015

Seeing her run free for the first time and her reactions to the other horses was amazing!

Pacha is very curious and friendly, but had not learned to keep her boundries around other horses or people. Since she has been on Ninovan we have been training with her and making progress!

She is extremely intelligent and loves to learn new tricks. She loves any attention she can get and fits in wonderfully. From time to time she and Caty get into little teanager squabbles, but nothing serious. Since Pacha is much smaller than Caty she rarley gets herself into trouble.

Princesa seems to have taken her in under her wing where she spends most of her quiet time.


Bobby, April 2014. 6 weeks old
Bobby, April 2014. 6 weeks old


Bobby was born on Ninovan and grew up with Mocca, Daphne and Balu. He refused to leave Daphne's side when she battled with her heart and died in the Fall of 2015.

Bobby is a gentle soul and gets along with all living beings. A real blessing to have around.

Bobby watching over Daphne, Nov. 2015
Bobby watching over Daphne, Nov. 2015

Luna joined us in Feb 2016, 8 months old.
Luna joined us in Feb 2016, 8 months old.


Bobby's niece, Luna is the newest member of our family. She spent part of her time as a puppy growing up on Ninovan. After being "returned" to her family hungry and nervous, she melted our hearts and we took her in.

She has been a blessing to us and for Bobby who's mother, Amber, went missing in November 2015. We now enjoy having not only Ambers son, but also her granddaughter here on Ninovan with us.

Luna and Bobby Feb 2016
Luna and Bobby Feb 2016