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We have contacted local schools and kinder-gardens and will continue to have children (and their parents of course) as well as young people visit with our animals. Learning about their needs, petting, brushing or cleaning their hooves, even simply observing the way they move.

We want children and our youth experience our animals through direct contact. It is our goal that the children get to know these amazing creatures so that the next time they see an animal tied to the side of the road they will not just look away, but ask questions…


They are one of the most important groups for us to reach, so that a long term sense of humane animal awareness changes the way animals are treated on our Island.


We have “open house” days for locals and tourists. We will have small exhibitions from local artists and other events here on Ninovan to raise awareness for our project.

On average an adult horse:

EATS: approximately 18Hrs / Day

DRINKS: 5-10 Gallons of water / Day*

WALKS/RUNS: 20-30km / Day


*Of course, just like humans, different horses crave or need different water amount intakes.

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