Ninovan helps in many ways

Education is vital to improve the treatment of horses and donkeys here on the island and elsewhere.

This little girl was abandoned after her mother died in the winter of 2015. She stood alone on a field in one of the worst winters ever, until she was found in April 2016. She has since been adopted and leads a happy and healthy life!

The horse on the right stood in the hot sun with out water or grass to eat. He was given a new Halter and water. 

We work with owners to improve standards of care for their horses and donkeys. We provide advice, support and encouragement, and help owners find long-term ways to improve treatment of their animals


Children and young people visit Ninovan where they can pet and groom our animals, while they learn about safety around horses. We help them to overcome any fears and to have fun. 


We encourage islanders and visitors to recognise when a horse or donkey is in need, and inform them how to get help.


Ninovan works with the authorities on the island to promote changes to law and practice, striving to raise awareness about the needs of horses and donkeys and to create better living conditions for them. 


We work closely with our local Farrier, Veterinarian and teachers, as well as other horse and donkey - lovers here on our Island as well as on the main land.