living with horses and donkeys ...

Our vision is to create a safe haven for neglected, mistreated or abandoned horses and donkeys on Faial (Azores, Portugal). 

Ninovan devotes itself to the welfare of horses and donkeys on Faial.

Distressed by the suffering of animals that we saw, we began by rescuing a horse and then adopted a donkey. We provided a safe haven for them and were soon being asked to help other neglected, mistreated or abandoned animals.


We became a registered charity in 2016 and, in the absence of any other organisation that cares for horses and donkeys on the island, we try to improve their lives and, where possible, to rescue them from their plight.

By creating a sense for animal awareness, we hope that the way Horses and Donkeys are kept will change.

When we are not able to take animals in ourselves, we try to help them "in the field" by speaking with their owners offering our help and treating their wounds. 

We use rehabilitation, general care and retraining of abused and neglected animals as a learning tool to educate our local youth. The ultimate goal being to reduce or eliminate the number of abused and neglected animals on our Island through education and awareness.