ninovan team

Kim Howard


Kim lives on Faial on Ninovan and spends most of her time with the daily care of Ninovan and its animals. With out the help of volunteers, primarily on the weekends, she works alone.
She also works as a grafic artist via internet creating advertising and websites for a few german companies.
Kim studied fine arts at Auburn University, and has an ongoing exhibition in Vineyard, Weinhandel in Hamburg where she displays and sells her paintings to an audience of over one hundred quests/day.

Her first real experience with horses was coinsindental. On one of her daily dog walks she found Mocca, an abandoned young mare which she took home to look for her owner. He was never found.  

After finding Balu in 2014 abandoned on the side of the road, she and Michaela decided to start Ninovan: "Our home" for abandoned and neglected horses and donkeys.

While living in Hamburg Kim spent several years working as an interior and garden designer. She loves working with her hands, creating rooms inside that flow into her creative spaces outside.

As a young girl, Kim she dreamt of becoming a Vet. In the next few years she plans to learn more about natural healing methods and the medicinal value of Herbs and their affect on animals.

Lesley Woodward

Lesley has lived on Faial since 2001 and has 4 horses of her own. The last to join her herd was a frightened young mare. Simply be-friending her has been a challenge. Using her Natural Horsemanship skills, Lesley managed to not only become friends with Cassy, but to gain her trust and integrate her into the herd.

We are lucky to have here here at Ninovan, helping us to train our horses, just to be polite around people and not to be scared of routine tasks, like grooming and hoof picking – this is challenge enough for now! Her work with Caty has been amazing.

Francisco "Deepak"

Deepak was born on the mainland, Portugal and has follwed his heart to many places around the world until recently landing here, on our little Island, smack in the middle of the Atlantic!

He started helping out as a Volunteer here at Ninovan, and already he has become a vital part of our project. He works both physically and spiritually. His postive energy spreads across the farm even when he is not here. Deepak works as a communicator and helps us speak with the local youth as well as the farmers and police. He works as a gentle mediator between what we are striving to achieve and those we need to move along the path into a future where we are free from animal suffering.