and on the other side of the island we have...

Howard and Lanza

Howard left his career as a publisher in England and came to live on Faial with his wife Christine in 2004. Two of the most charming people we have met. Howard conducted the youth Orchestra here on Faial for several years and now, just when he thought he could kick back and throw off his shoes, Christine found and introduced him to Lanza. A sweet, old and malnourished mare in need of a home...

Alexandra and Lolita

Alexandra has traveled across the globe and found her little piece of paradise here on Faial.

Olives place

Olive sailed the seas from... to...(?) before setteling on our little Island in 1993 (?). She has a cosy cottage adjoining a large field with a barn in the back. More importantly, she has a big heart for those with out a voice. She has rescued dogs and opened her home to horses and even a donkey. Now she has offered her field to a young man from her village who recently bought a mare with out giving much thought as to where he can keep her. The young man works during the week in which time Olive feeds and cares for his horse. One person making a big difference in the lives of many.